How we roll.

Film on domestic TV in living room


All physical screenings are in the Living Room. It’s a 4k screen, for the wettest of scans, with region-free DVD and Blu-Ray facilities, plus various streaming services (and a VPN for those ‘hard to reach’ items). For anything north of 1950, the audio goes via the HiFi and subwoofer. The sofa seats four comfortably (which is fine because no-one else is allowed in). There’s no air conditioning, but the auditorium is close to the toilets, kitchen and telephone.

In the Square

Although physical screenings are locked-down, friends can join in with the fun – with synchronised screenings for the big performances. These movies will be widely available, via Amazon Prime or YouTube, for example. Look out for the ‘In the Square‘ tag in the Programme.

And what happens after a screening in the Square? A chat and a beer. But no draught Guinness or sticky floor. Get in touch if you want to join in and we’ll send you Zoom meeting details.


We’ll be grouping our screenings around some organising concept – a director, a form, a subject, a place or a time. And yes, sometimes the concept will be ‘lucky dip’.

Key feature of the programmes: no parallel screenings, so you won’t have to run all the way from the Sala Scorsese to the Cinema Jolly only to discover that the introduction was less than 2 minutes long, you’ve missed the first scene, and there are no seats left anyway.

Check out the Schedule to see what’s next, and the News pages to see what’s being contemplated.

Roosters Hut

Food & drink

In this virtual version of movie-going you easily tune your intake to the programme. Our 2020 festival saw us focusing on Italian from gelato to spritz Aperol (other food groups are available). And Berlin Alexanderplatz is being planned primarily as a medium for wurst.

We share some of ideas in our Food section.