Beer – Peckham edges ahead

Clearly, any trip to Emilia-Romagna is likely to benefit from some incredible food. And the wine is a bit special too. But when it comes to beer, things do tend to go either a bit Birra Moretti, or troublingly Celtic Druid. There is of course the only Brew Dog to get excited about, and Il Cameo (shown in our featured image) do grand job in pulling in some local craftage for the festival punters fed up with Spritz Aperol (it can happen around day 5).

So this is where Peckham has the edge. Check out these beauties…

Missed the most

..and now back in action. You can still get it delivered, like the Corona man or something.

#2 with a BBNO

That cavernous railway arch … part of the new normal? Whatever, some lovely strong stuff.

Hop, Burns and Black

The shop one

All sorts! Saisons, dubbels, rauchbier even. And all the usual hoppy stuff – plus hot sauce.