Festival announced!

Despite the lockdown, international travel restrictions and the virus-shedding potential of that change-over throng in the foyer of the Cinema Jolly, we’ve decided to go ahead with Il Cinema Sostituto (the first and, we hope, last edition). The dates are roughly as before: June 20th to 27th, 2020.

There will be changes of course, the main one being the switch of location to London SE15, just next to Peckham’s very own ‘Piazza Maggiore’, AKA the Choumert Grove Car Park. Additionally, ticketing will be restricted to a a small and select group, as per Public Health England guidelines. For most screenings that will mean if you aren’t already part of our household, or a senior government advisor, you’re not coming in.

However, there will be a small number of screenings ‘in the square’, by which we mean synchronised viewings among a wider group of film fans. Want to be part of the magic? Get in touch with the organisers.

Check back soon for more details of the Il Cinema Sostituto and the emerging programme of ‘restored and rediscovered’ films.

Photo: Lorenzo Burlando.