Commune? As in Communist?

A Beautiful Way to Live

UK, 1971 (Harry Aldous; 0h 25m)

In 1971, Anglia Television visits two communes that are prospering in Norfolk. The first, is a gathering of artists who live at a former school – the Crow Hall Commune in Downham Market. The second commune visited at The Old Rectory Farm, Scoulton, near Watton where artist and novelist Cressida Lindsay lives with her five children and fellow artists.

This documentary explores why people choose to live in these so-called alternative communities. Is it the desire to escape from the pressures and materialistic nature of twentieth century life? Is it just romantic idealism. Are there any problems with living in large groups? Both communes are part of the Commune Movement established in 1965. In 1971, the Movement is run from a vegetarian restaurant, Arjuna, in Cambridge. Anglia TV interviews Sarah Eno, the Movement’s first secretary. Sarah Eno was at the time married to ambient music pioneer Brian Eno.

Christiania: You Have My Heart

Denmark, 1991 (Nils Vest; 1h 02m)

The film documents the community of squatters that exists in Christiania, Copenhagen, where the residents have established and try to maintain a ‘free society’ in the middle of a modern metropolis. It shows the history and social conditions of Christiania and presents residents revealing their personal stories and struggles to maintain their way of life.

Date: June 25th, 2020
Time: 9:30am
Finishes at: 11:00am