Staying On

UK, 1980 (Silvio Narizzano; 1h 30m)

Reunited for the first time since Brief Encounter, Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson star as Tusker and Lucy Smalley in this Granada film adaptation of Staying On, Paul Scott’s Booker Prize-winning sequel to his Raj Quartet. It has been said of Scott that “no one better captured the psychology of imperialists — in all their delusion and naïveté and cruelty” (Isaac Chotiner, New York Times).

“Staying On” was an expression used by British expatriates in India during the latter stages of the Raj. It related to the minority of British officials, military officers and commercial traders who chose to remain in India after spending their working lives there. The more common practice was to retire on pension to Britain.

Date: June 24th, 2020
Time: 9:30am
Finishes at: 11:00am