The Silent Partner

USA, 1978 (Daryl Duke; 1h 46m)

Not only a lost gem, The Silent Partner (1978) was also, reputedly, constructed primarily as a tax write-off. The Toronto setting looks like a bit of a clue there.

But one person’s avoidance is another’s “small miracle”, and when the latter is the judgement of Roger Ebert we would do well to stop what we are doing and watch the damn movie.

Starring Elliot Gould as a mild-mannered bank teller, and Christopher Plummer as a very bad Santa, it is a Christmas-set thriller that Ebert describes as “well acted and very scary” and benefitting from “the most audaciously clockwork plot I’ve seen in a long time … worthy of Hitchcock”.

Proof positive that Canadians are capable of making good genre films when they want to, The Silent Partner is one of the few fondly remembered films from Canada’s notorious tax shelter era.

And if it was good enough to be the New Beverley’s Xmas Eve movie of 2016, we have extra reason to believe it should be super-duper for the inaugural/never-to-be-repeated Sosti-xmas screening, with all the ‘In the Square‘ Zoom trimmings.

Date: December 24th, 2020
Time: 7:30pm
Finishes at: 9:15pm

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