To Have and Have Not

USA, 1944 (Howard Hawks; 1h 40m)

Hawks’s first on-screen pairing of future married couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (quickly followed by The Big Sleep two years later), To Have and Have Not has come to be seen as a high point in all three of their careers, despite its initially mixed critical reception.

Once when Hemingway and I were hunting together, I told him that I could take his worst story and make a movie out of it. Hemingway asked me what was his worst story. “To Have and Have Not,” I said. Hemingway explained that he had written the story in one sitting when he needed money, and that I couldn’t make a movie out of it. I said I’d try, and while we hunted, we discussed it. We decided that the best way to tell the story was not to show the hero growing old, but to show how he had met the girl, and, in short, show everything that had happened before the beginning of the novel. 

Howard Hawks interviewed in Cahiers du Cinema, 1956

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