Shoestring shelved

Well, hopes had been high that Il Cinema Sostituto would prove to be the perfect opportunity to screen all 21 episodes of ‘Shoestring‘, the iconic detective show starring Trevor Eve. Set in the high octane world of Bristol local radio, the weekly cast of tough business men, glamorous ladies and somebody in some kind of trouble, would lay out a mystery for Radio West’s ‘private ear’, Eddie Shoestring, to unravel.

The perfect serial to be striped across the early morning schedule of the festival (in the manner of Les Vampires, shown in triumphantly in Bologna in 2015), many would agree.

Unfortunately a regrettable lack of unanimity within the Programme Committee has arrived at a majority view that it is “wholly unsuitable” and “not very good”.

Consequently ‘Shoestring’ will not be shown at Il Cinema Sostituto and some 200 festival tote bags are now unusable.